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Fixed Camping Tour in Nepal

Fixed Camping Tour in Nepal

Dolpo Treks

Dolpo region is situated in the western part of the Nepal behind the Dhaulagiri. It is best known as the many isolated high Himalayan valleys across the northern Nepal. Dolpo preserves one of the last remnants of traditional Tibetan culture. Legend says it's a one of the "hidden valleys" created by Guru Rinpoche as a refuge for devotee Buddhists in troubled times. We can reach there easily from Tibet, where the people emigrated from perhaps 1. 000 years ago. In Upper Dolpo, the population of people living there are about 5.000, whose lives revolve around Buddhism, barley, and yaks. Their villages (over 4.260 meters) are among the highest settlements on earth. A large portion of Dolpo has been set aside and Shey - Phoksundo National Park, at 3.555 square km is situated there which is Nepal's largest national park. The trans-Himalayan ecosystem, the park shelters blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, leopards, wolves, and the exclusive snow leopard are preserved there.


Dolpo is the best-known as the Nepal's forbidden northern border regions. During1989 announcement by the government to open the region to group treks brought flurry of excitement. To reach here, you must trek through a authorized and registered company. Groups generally fly from Nepalgunj to the Juphal airstrip, and then walk few hours to the district headquarters of Dunai (2,100 meters). The trail follows the Suli Gad River, passing through the thick conifer forests and a few Thakuri Hindu villages. The National Park check-post is one day from Dunai; two steep days later, you reach Phoksumdo Lake which is also one of the beautiful lakes among many others in Nepal.


We offer different trekking areas in this Dolpo region as well as our guides have the in- depth knowledge about the interesting ancient history that this region holds. Trekking to Lower Dolpa offers an opportunity to meet the people and their lifestyle in very authentic form, almost untouched and unexplored whereas upper Dolpa has its own fascinating and wonderful stuffs to explore for. Let us serve you the elegance and beauty of this region with the best.


Itineraries of Dolpo Region Trekking

Upper Dolpo Trekking

Duration: 27 days | Grade: Moderate

The Upper Dolpo region is another remote hidden destination in far west where Nepal's most tranquil and natural beauty is still...

Lower Dolpo Trekking

Duration: 23 days | Grade: Moderate

Lower Dolpo trek takes place in the north – west region of Nepal , the Lower parts of Dolpo district .It has been specifically designed...

Rara Lake Trekking

Duration: 16 days | Grade: Moderate

Trekking from Jumla to Rara Lake in the mid western region of Nepal is known as Rara Lake trekking in Nepal...

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